ForePaaS is excited to expand its multi-cloud offering with a new partner: Outscale, Dassault Systèmes subsidiary and cloud sovereign leader.

Our common goal? Help you build, deploy and scale applications and algorithms in record time, on a industry-grade and secure cloud environment. 

What's a sovereign cloud?  

While the cloud is becoming more and more common when it comes to data management, protection and privacy remain a hot topic for most companies. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in May 2018, significantly contributed to raise awareness. 

The sovereign cloud brings solutions to this challenge, offering a "deployment model in which hosting and data processing performed by a cloud service are physically done within the national territory", according to a note from the Health Ministry. 

Why ForePaaS and Outscale?

The ForePaaS and Outscale offer has been created to answer two main challenges faced by companies and public authorities, sensitive to data protection:

  • Sovereignty and security for data stored in the cloud
  • Agnosticity and independence from cloud providers, regarding to your economic, technical and strategic issues 

All without neglecting the expectation of technological performance. Outscale has developed an enterprise-class cloud based on leading technologies, offering an homogeneous, highly scalable infrastructure with the opportunity to easily control IT resources. 

Combined with ForePaaS platform, it is now possible to deploy a sovereign cloud environment in less than 4 minutes, to significantly accelerate the lifecycle of your data projects and reach a time-to-market in line with the market speed. 

About ForePaaS

ForePaaS brings together Data Engineering, Data Science and mass-deployed Business Intelligence in a multi-cloud platform designed to create, deploy and scale applications and algorithms in record time. Leveraging an automated environment, enterprises bring their data-driven strategies to life, from data collection to restitution through fully customized applications.The platform offers a unique, low-code and secure interface, to streamline access to data and enable agility across your data projects, while easing off the pressure on IT teams. With ForePaaS, clients see a 10x reduction of their time-to-value, putting projects in production in 3 weeks on average, instead of 6 months. Total, Klepierre, Vinci and Veolia already trust us to turn their raw data into business application.

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